Styling Chic and Classy Pieces from Coco x Fifi

We all know in our situation today, as frustrating it may seem, Ms. Rona loves to take away all the motivation. But a certain hobby could somehow ease the itching frustration. Personally, shopping relaxes me. It’s another way to take my mind away from everything that distresses me. A store that serves fine pieces of shoes, clothes, and amazing bags had caught my attention some time ago. Obviously, I’m not the only person who’s going through this. So I might as well share what I can about this store, Coco x Fifi. We can’t go out, but luckily for all of us, has got us covered. Shopping online is now the new normal! Coco x Fifi has all the best, most classy looking, and affordable products, but there are people who are somewhat tired of scrolling through pinterest or google trying different ways to style some pieces. So maybe, I could share some outfitspiration!

Here are some ways to style COCO x FIFI products:



Here we have the classy and comfy look. These outfits could match any occasion (well obviously except formal!). You can go run errands or maybe go shopping with your besties, have lunch outside, or anywhere really. Beginning from bottom to top, we have the minimal strappy heels called Gianna. These heels are to die for!!! Complicated in disguise! They’re actually very comfortable to walk in. I believe this pair of heels compliments the whole outfit.

The next piece is the white mini leather bag called Madeline. This bag is a magician because it can surprisingly fit a lot of items no matter how small it looks. Madeline is the statement of the whole outfit. As we all should know, bags do bring the whole outfit. Quick tip, If you’re wearing a really nice outfit, you should have a nice bag that matches it. 

And last but not the least, the Ana top. A light, and airy cardigan. It’s perfect to style comfy and classy looks. Fun fact, cardigans are actually classic pieces from the 1880’s and now modified and used as 2020’s new “soft girl” outfit trend.


The mini dress attire is m-a-n-d-a-t-o-r-y to have a good bag or purse that matches it. This attire could be worn to date nights, semi-formal events, family dinner, or any place in which you think that would match the attire. From bottom to top, we have our Ms. Universal shoes, Gianna! Yes, I said universal just because they really do match any outfit! 

In both photos, we can see that I was using two different bags for two different moods. On your left, you will spot the Palmer black leather bag. It could be used for special events or for an everyday bag. It can fit a bunch of items and not only the essentials. You could even fit your own makeup palettes! 

On your right, you will spot a bigger brown leather essential bag called Diana. It can not just fit your own planner, notebook, and tablet, but it could also fit a 13” laptop! It does have a lot of room. It’s perfect for times when you want to be alone and study in your preferred cafe.


As independent women, we should remember to stay chic as possible even when we’re working! We now have our model wearing another comfortable yet stylish pair of 2” heels called Hailey. They are very easy to walk in so it’s perfect for work, just like our Diana bag. 


There are definite times when we just don’t know which vibe to stick with! But as seen here, I cancelled the dilemma. Mixing and matching pieces of soft and baddie vibes is not so bad as it seems with the help of Coco x Fifi! 

We have the usual Gianna heels. The only difference — the cute leather bags we used! On the left, the white leather cloud looking purse called Penelope is paired with a minimal yet conservative outfit. On the right, you will spot the great Risett.  A black shiny textured leather with gold zippers that give off baddie vibes matched with an oversized windbreaker, bralette, and activewear shorts.


We love to stick with trendy outfits, and lately, another one has been popping out, which is bringing back the ‘retro’ attire. Everyone can be so creative when it comes to outfits like these. I had the chance to creatively pick out some pieces from Coco x Fifi, and I was able to create a retro attire with only 4 items!

You know the drill, from bottom to top we have Hailey heels on both outfits. On the left we have the black leather essential Palmer bag matched with high waisted denim jeans and a black leather belt with silver buckles.  On the right is the Penelope bag matched with a plain white top and white high waisted shorts with the same black leather belt. And last but not the least, the Lena top on the left. The Lena top actually comes with different colors but I was wearing the rust version. The halter rust colored striped top with mini collar’s gives off a retro vibe that we all just love! Both outfits were inspired from the 50s.

As we conclude this blog, I am hopeful that you learned how to style a few products from Coco x Fifi! Go and take time to browse through their site or their Instagram @cocoxfifi for more items to choose from. I personally had a hard time choosing because they were all so pretty! Let me know which outfit or which set was your favorite!

Till next time!

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